Photographers Alliance

Welcome to Photographers Alliance, the photographer’s resource for finding good models, and avoiding the bad ones.


Join us and help rid the world of flakes.

Ever scheduled a photo shoot, planned your day around it, arranged for a makeup artist, set up lighting, and then…nothing.

The model doesn’t show. No phone call, no email, no text telling you she’s not coming.

Unfortunately, flakes are epidemic and the bane of many photographers. They waste our time, cost us money, and piss us off.

Photographers Alliance can help you avoid the flakes in your area, plus it can point you to the most responsible and mature models with a proven track record. Models who understand the importance of good communications, punctuality, and, most of all, keeping commitments.

Photographers Alliance, based in Richmond, VA, is an information resource for photographers throughout the US. It’s designed to address a fundamental problem with sites like Model Mayhem and One Model Place: The lack of a way to share objective information about the reliability and professionalism of a model. Much like ebay has established a feedback rating system, Photographers Alliance has created a database where photographers rate their working experiences with models based on specific criteria:

• Reliability

• Communications

• Attitude

• Overall Professionalism

Our rating system does not critique a model’s skills, looks, or other attributes. It is solely intended to grade a model based upon the above criteria, helping identify the best models to work with, and to warn about the ones who may waste your time. Photographers who submit feedback must be fair, accurate and objective. Model reports cannot be used to slander or malign someone, or make false accusations. Mean-spirited rants or personal vendettas will not be tolerated.

Over time, with more and more photographers participating, we’ll have a comprehensive database that serious photographers can use as a primary resource for selecting models. (Think of it as the photographer’s version of Angie’s List and you have an idea how it can work.) The PA database is not only a valuable tool for photographers, it also rewards reliable models by helping them get more work. And, hopefully, it will serve as a wake-up call to irresponsible wannabes who fail to show the necessary maturity it takes to become a serious model. After all, no one wants a bad reputation, except Joan Jett.

How can you become a participating member of Photographers Alliance? Email us at:

Include the following information: your name, business name (if you have one), where you’re located, email address and phone number). We’ll send you a PA feedback form. Complete and return the form, rating a minimum of three models with whom you’ve interacted, and you’ll qualify for a free membership.

There is no fee. You do not have to be a professional photographer, or even a very good one, but you must be serious about the craft of photography, conducting yourself in a professional and respectful manner, and generally not be a creep.

Once you’re a member you’ll receive updates of the PA database as well as being asked to provide your own updates of the models you’ve been working–or attempted to–work with. With members continually providing fresh feedback, the database will be constantly expanding and increasing in value.

So join PA today and do your part to make the world a little less flaky.